Allah's Message



Âllâhümme salli alâ Muhammed
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#Teroristİsrael #Teroristbiden #TeroristAmerica
Let the whole world know that we Turks do not kill children, women and the elderly, we do not invade anyone's lands, we are working to provide peace and justice to the world with the permission of Allah, and our leader is recep tayyip erdogan.

My God, the Supreme Creator and the Only Creator, Protect the Leader of Islam, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Give him Glorious Victories, Make him Neighbor to the Prophet, O Lord, Make Turkey a Strong State, Make Our Army Victorious, my Lord. , Ya Allah, Ya Kerim, Ya Gaffar, The Most Merciful, Protect Us, Do Not Disgrace the World, Let us get rid of the traps of Satan. To protect the oppressed, to help the needy, O sole owner of the earth and sky, you created the world in order, the only creator who takes care of us and gives our sustenance, forgive us. forgive our sins, you are one. You are the Creator

Eyy America, with the blood of a child in your hands, listen to me carefully I am a Muslim and a Turk, my eyes and ears are completely devoted to Islam, remember, we have a law, you cannot rule us as you wish, I swear, when the day of war comes and your soldiers shoot at our state, I will destroy you, Allah will make me victorious because I am the lion of Allah and you will disappear. You will be ashes, you killed the oppressed, you raped the women, you stole the gold and money of the oppressed, you seriously deserved death and hell My Allah , make me strong always, I want to be your sword, your laws are valid